May 7th 2016
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For 10 consecutive years, Dr. William P. Baugh of and Full Spectrum Dermatology has been dedicated to Waging War on Melanoma Cancer. Rated as the fastest growing cancer in the U.S. and world, the Surgeon General recently published a “Call to Action,” noting that melanoma cancer has increased 200% since the 1970’s. Despite the staggering statistics indicating that 1 in 50 will be diagnosed with invasive melanoma.
MELANOMA IS LARGELY PREVENTABLE! Through our foundation all participants receive FREE SKIN CANCER SCREENINGS! Each year we have diagnosed at least one participant with skin cancer and saved lives. Partner with us as we fight this cancer by funding research for a cure and creating Public Awareness campaigns. The 10th Annual iCure Melanoma 5k is on MAY 7th, 2016 in Fullerton, CA. Registered TODAY and see you at the finish line!!