May 7th 2016
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This year iCureMelanoma has the privilege of using crowdrise as our fundraising campaign.

This is how it works: When you register as a team for the iCureMelanoma 5k you will have the option to use our partner, crowdrise.

Crowdrise is a fundraising tool. It gives each team their own webpage. Each page can be used to promote
your individual team fundraisers. It is also a great way to keep track of how much your team has raised.


When you raise $3,000 + 25 registered participants , or reach $5,000 in Crowdrise Donations
your team name will have the honor of being in the 
warrior circle.

The Teams in the Warrior Circle have the privilege to have their team names displayed on the front of the race day t-shirt.

Crowd rise logo

CrowdRise is an online platform for people to set up peer to peer fundraising activities for the causes that they care about. It started out as a small idea and it proliferated into this really substantial community of people, rallying in support for the things that they want to see get better about the world; which I love.

-Edward Norton